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Our motto is ‘Pamper yourself and your guests with coffee that is renowned for its purity, fragrance, and exquisite flavor.’

Our customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority. We offer top a top-quality product and a fast delivery time, so you get the freshest, most delicious beans possible.

We sell Kopi Luwak, ALEALE and SIRAMBUMAS
Specialty Coffee

Our beans are bought directly from the independent farmers living in the highlands of the North Sumatra Province, Indonesia, which is a region around 1000 – 2300 meters above sea level. Our delicious ALEALE coffee is made of pure Arabica beans, which are renowned for their round flavor and mild aroma. Our SIRAMBUMAS coffee is made of pure Robusta beans, producing a full-bodied drink that is guaranteed to wake you up in the morning. Both varieties are available roasted and ground.

If you want to treat yourself or your guests to something truly unique, try our KOPI LUWAK, or CIVET COFFEE. Visit our page dedicated to the subject to learn more about the process used to create this highly coveted coffee, which is considered the most exceptional – and expensive – coffee in the world.

We Support Independent Farmers

Our delicious Sumatran coffee is of the highest quality, and because we buy directly from independent farmers, it is also surprisingly affordable.

By eliminating distributors, our farmers are paid a fair price for their product, which allows them to stay on their land, support their families, and invest in the future of their community. Profits are invested in the implementation of a sustainable and environmentally sound production and processing system, as well as training and field school for the farmers. In two to three years’ time, our goal is for the community to build its own on-site hulling and roasting facility – all without sacrificing the extremely high quality of our coffee.


At this year’s CoffeeCON we served samples of kopi luwak from Ranap Siagian. I’ve had kopi luwak but these were the best I’ve yet tasted. For those who don’t know a significant part of the luwak’s traditional role is this critter picking the coffee cherries. Captive animals are fed, meaning they do not choose. Ranap Siagian’s coffees are in effect free range coffees, natural coffees, call them what you will. They are the best and deserving of their premium cost. Kopi luwak coffee is one of the best coffees, from Indonesia, an ideal climate for growing coffee. Ranap Siagian is one of the best sources for the top of the kopi crop.

Kevin Sinnott, Author of The Art and Craft of Coffee